Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Repairs

CCL Mechanical is Always Here!

We take care of any and all plumbing concerns at any time, day or night. Our reps are by the phones 24/7 just in case your pipes spring a leak in the middle of the night. Whether your pipes are frozen or a faucet just burst, we can help you stave off disaster and make immediate repairs.

CCL will update your home with the latest technology in plumbing systems, such as WaterSense systems. Any products with WaterSense labels come with the following guarantees:

  • It will decrease all non-agricultural water use for residences and commercial buildings. Whether you want to water your flower bed or take a bath, our appliances save you money.
  • They help consumers make water-efficient choices.
  • Toilets use 20% less water than the current federal and market standards, yet provide equal or superior performances.
  • Your bathroom sink faucets and other accessories will decrease your water use by 30% without losing performance, including the sink and shower.
  • Using less water means you are utilizing your water heater less, saving you even more on your energy bills.

Fun fact: You will flush your toilet more than 140,000 times before it gets replaced. By replacing your old model with a WaterSense product, you can save up to 4,000 gallons of water every year! Even WaterSense sink faucets can save as much as 500 gallons.

“I have used Chris and CCL Mechanical for the past 3 years. They have done many small jobs, some huge jobs, and all of my annual maintenance. I could not be more pleased. They are talented plumbers, nice people, considerate, and punctual and a pleasure to deal with.” - Steve F.

Preventative Care

Regular preventative care can avoid serious, costly plumbing problems down the line. CCL can help you mitigate issues in the future by inspecting your bathroom and kitchen. If you have a small leak or moisture collecting in the corner, call us today. Never let a problem sit and become a larger issue in the future.

You can also save lots of money down the road by switching to high-efficiency faucets and tubs. By upgrading to WaterSense products in your home, you can do your part to help make your home more eco-friendly.

For your own piece of mind, there are some easy things you can do to prevent plumbing problems. Never pour fat or grease down a drain, this will inevitably lead to a clog. Listen to your pipes and learn when your toilet stops running. If you find it running longer or louder than usual, consider calling in a pro. One easy way to prevent midnight water damage is having an annual water heater check-up.

Contact CCL Mechanical To Get Started

Have a question? Would you like to schedule a no obligation consultation? Contact CCL Mechanical today! We always have someone available to speak to you.

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