Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Water is essential to your daily living. Clean water should be the set standard for you and your family. If you have any questions regarding your water, you should get it checked out by certified professionals. We offer free quality water testing to assess if your water quality needs to be improved.

Our water filtration systems will purify the water in your whole home. We offer water softeners and filters for water appliances like ice makers and washing machines. CCL Mechanical offers water filtration services to help remove impurities, improve water quality, and lighten your peace of mind!

Our technicians are experienced and certified to install the latest water filtration technologies. CCL Mechanical can handle the best, modern water filtration systems, including UV light protection.

“They do a beautiful installation job, and if something goes wrong they go out of their way to make it right. Their rates are great too! Everything you want from a plumber!” – Ian E.


Chlorine and other harmful chemicals are filtered as soon as the water enters your house. Hard metals and chlorine are pulled from water when washing clothes. This protects you and your clothes, as certain chemicals get lodged in the fabric. Your water will be healthier, eliminating the risks of disease or contamination while drinking or showering.

The Benefits of UV Systems

Ultraviolet light systems are worth considering because they excel at eliminating waterborne pathogens that can make their way into water even after it has been treated by the city. Drinking unfiltered water can cause health problems because unfiltered water can contain harmful chemicals that are water soluble and easy to digest.

  • UV systems use absolutely no chemicals to purify water.
  • Ultraviolet light is just light, it will have no affect on the water itself.
  • Maintenance on UV light systems are very easy. Most systems only occasionally need the lamp’s bulb changed.
“I have used CCL Mechanical on both of my houses – I have had absolutely no problems with their service, attitude, punctuality, cleanliness, anything – they are always nothing but professional.” – Carolyn I.

Let Us Help You

Contact us to get one of our certified technicians to your property and offer some preventative care. CCL Mechanical knows the importance of providing you with only the highest-quality water. Our water tests are free and offer you vital information about what’s running through your home’s pipes. Whether you just moved into your home or your water is suspect, CCL Mechanical is here to help you!

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